Fahreen Gilani

About me

I am a Certified Money Coach® with more than 20 years experience in QA in Business Operations and Process Improvement. 
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What led me here? 

I must have been about 5 years old when I was informed by my wiser older brother to not stick my finger into a socket because I would get “electricitied.”   But, at age 5,  I didn’t know that if the power was turned off, I could happily have stuck whatever I wanted into the socket and there would be nothing “electricitied.” Fast forward to a few years ago when my teen stuck a knife in the toaster and I went ballistic until she politely pointed out to me that the toaster was unplugged and all she was trying to do was to retrieve the slice of toast that was stuck. I’m sure she was mentally rolling her eyes at my reaction, although I have never been able to get her to admit it :). 

I tell you this because this is what happens to us as children. We observe, hear others talking, are told something, and these experiences form an impression in our minds.  These impressions continuously serve as the basis of our actions and reactions into adulthood, and unless an event happens in our lives that force us to stop, recalibrate and change our way of interpreting things, we never change; whether it’s the way we brush our teeth or the expectations we have from people. 

It made sense to me that if I could have such a strong reaction from something I was told when I was a child and had never questioned, what other opinions or judgements or behaviour could I be holding on to, especially where money was concerned?  My relationship with money had always been quite tumultuous and I wasn’t where I wanted to be financially. I also had no clue how to get there. 

And so, I took a Money Coaching course which initially uses tools to identify subconscious patterns, emotions and behaviour around money. Once these had been established, then followed a step-by-step methodology towards changing habits, patterns and behaviour that no longer served me in my journey towards what I perceived as a better life; less stress where money was concerned.  I began to consciously try to shift my predictable reactions, at a pace that was comfortable to me, and ended up transforming my entire outlook on money and my life, and finally feel like I am living! 

Hi there! I’m Fahreen, I am a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®  and this is part of my story. I would love to hear your story, if you would like to share, and I look forward to walking alongside you in your Money Journey.